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Last News 22/7/17

Kız meselesi 'nde partner olacaklarmış sizce nasıl #ilkerkaleli #elcinsangu #kızmeselesi - ELBAR (@addicteddelbarr) Kiz Meselesi: Ilker Kaleli and Elcin Sangu are going to play together in a new movie named Kiz Meselesi(Girl's problem). The movie will be a romantic comedy and I cant stop laughing only because Im thinking about Ilker's quotes and Elcin's expressions. The movie will be on cinemas since 9/2/18
النجمات الصاعدات بحفل الفراشه هم هازال وميراي وميليسا اللي اول كان اشاعه🙂
اكثر و�... - leen🍋💕 (@leeno_3sk) Altin Kelebek 2017: Pantene has already decided its shine stars for this year! Hazal Filiz Kucukkose,Miray Daner and Melisa Senolsun! I think that they made the right decision!
تصوير مسلسل "اللؤلؤة السوداء" سينطلق الشهر المقبل "أغسطس" 
#tolgahansayışman #handeerçel ... - Abdulelah ⓬ (@abdulelahkvp) Siyah Inci: Star Tv has already announced its first series for the new season 2017-2018. Series called Siyah Inci, Hande Ercel, Tolgahan Sayisman and Berk Hakman have the leading roles! The story revolving around Hazal a young girl who lives in Cesme. She thinks that Kenan is her life's love but then comes Vural who assert her. Shootings are about to start this August. Good luck then!
‏مسلسل جديد بعنوان "دموع الجنة" من بطولة بيرك والميلا ‏و إنتاج : Sureç Film ‏سيعرض على ... - رشــَـا .. (@shosh_1956) Cennetin Gozyaslari: Atv's new series named Cennetin Gozyaslari which means Paradise's tears. On the leading roles will watch Almila Ada and Berk Atan.
Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για meryem dizisi Meryem: I made a review about Meryem on my last post. I explained u the plot and of course the character. My ambitius series will make premier on 2/8.Stay Tuned!

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Rüya: Review

The only matching title: My favourite series for summer 2017!
Yes this series is a typical one,ok...But has this turkish-drama atmosphaire that I had missed so much! It reminds me of Feriha days or Fatih-Harbiye..Moreover this poor-rich story is classical like Cinderella. It couldnt be a better series for an exchausting summer like 2017!
ruya__tr (@ruya__tr)
As I said before the plot is very very typical. Everything starts with a dream. A young girl wants to be stylist but she only works in a small clothing bar. She dreamed Bulut, a rich man who owns a big brand. Next day she took an invitation for his deffle. They look each other and fall in love. And thats the story begins...Journalists, as always taking a photo and next day this photo is on the magazines. Her dad saw it and decided to marry her with an older man.
Herkesin güzel rüyalar görmeye hakkı vardır.
#rüya çok yakında @showtv'de başlıyor.

@ul... - Rüya Dizisi (@ruyashowtv)
In unison Bulut fading out that she is a poor girl and not a rich one as she said. But when he was about to forget her decides to prevent this tragic wedding. And thus first episode ended up. Trailer for episode 2 is now available and show that Bulut doing a wedding proposal! But as always there are some obstacles for example Bulut's bro Alas who is in love with Elif as well and Bulut's mother.
25 Temmuz Salı Akşamı Saat 20:00'da Show Tv ekranlarında. ..
... - Ruya Dizisi (@royadizisi)
And now Im going to tell why worths to watch Ruya and why became the best series to watch this summer!
ruya__tr (@ruya__tr)
Reason n.1: They have chemistry between each other. Omg you cant see it everywhere.They look at each other like real lovers. Ceyhun's look is so expressive and at the same time Filiz's looks at him are so passionate! I swear they are one of the most matching couples that I have ever seen in my life!
Elif&Yildiz Vs Bulut&Alas ⚡
#zeymir #hazalfilizkucukkose 
#hazalfilizküçükköse #kaanurgancioglu 
#kaanurgancioğlu #nihkem 
#karasevda #ruyaengl... - Hazal Filiz Küçükköse / Rüya (@its.zeymir)
Reason n.2: The story..Yes this typical one is the most atmospheric..It's the story of a poor girl and a rich man..The dream that came true. The miracle! It reminds me Feriha days and I want to scream out of happiness!
Вот и первый поцелуй❤ 
__________________ ❤Сон 
Делайте репосты🎉 
Приглашайт... - ТУРЕЦКОЕ КИНО ❤️ (@turk_filmss)
Reason n3: The music.The music is perfect. Its so atmospheric and suitable with the series!
🌠《 #rüya #ruya #hazalfilizkucukkose #hazalfilizküçükköse #ceyhunmengiroğlu #ceyhunmengiroglu #elifardalı #showtv #ruyadizisi #goldfilmyapi... - @ruyadaily
Reason n4: Something that I didnt like but I will tell it because I know that many of u like it. Everything happened really really fast. The dream,the meeting,the love,the revelation.Everything.
Yaşadığın bütün acıları umut!
Herkesin güzel rüyalar görmeye hakkı vardır. 
#ru... - Ruya Dizisi (@royadizisi)
Reason n5: The other characters of the series which are so amazing! The actors and the characters that they are playing are so suitable!
نيو الكيك بالشوكولاتهه🍫🍫🍰. تآبعت مسلسلهآ بعد م عجبني أحس تسرعت ف إختيارها طويل ... - Laylaturk💗 (@laylaturk23)
Reason n6: But ofcourse Hazal Filiz! Because we love her so so much! Kara Sevda's Zeynep rocks!;)
Σχετική εικόνα
Reason n7: Ceyhun! Omg I havent realized how expressive he is! I love him with my whole heart,really! His eyes,his look..Rocks,rocks!
بمووت هنا كانو منتظرينه يمشي لأنه البيت مو بيتها وهو واقف ينتظرهم يدخلون😂
+تصبحو... - Ruya - الحلم ✨ (@miraturkish)
بولوت و إليف ؟
Bulut & elif ?
 #rüya #ruya#hazalfilizkucukkose #hazalfilizküçükköse#ceyhunmengiroğlu #ceyhunmengiroglu#showtv #ru... - مسلسل الحلم____rüya (@princess__loubna)
.بتكلم عن مسلسل Rüya 
المسلسل عجبني حلو لطيف خفيف واحس انه الاعلان الترويجي ظلمه ..
تد... - Maryom|مريوم (@maryom3sk)
#ruya #hazalfilizkucukkose #ceyhunmengiroglu - @turkdizi.inst
Elif&Yildiz Vs Bulut&Alas ⚡
#zeymir #hazalfilizkucukkose 
#hazalfilizküçükköse #kaanurgancioglu 
#kaanurgancioğlu #nihkem 
#karasevda #ruyaengl... - Hazal Filiz Küçükköse / Rüya (@its.zeymir)

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Most HeartBreaking Scenes: Part 2

And we are back with the other half of our heartbreaking post:p Let's watch guys!

Icerde: This scene broke my heart everytime..

Kara Sevda: The scene in which Nihan tries to kill herself

Poyraz Karayel: What a scene guys. I want to cry so much

Aski memnu: When Bihter was crying again...

Adini Feriha Koydum: Who could forget Feriha's death?

Poyraz Karayel: The best performance. 

Poyraz Karayel: Sefer's death..

Paramparca: Gulseren dies...

Kara Sevda: When Nihan lost his brother

Kara Sevda: Seni o kadar cok seviyorumki

Icerde: When Melek died.

Suskunlar: Ecevit's death..

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Most HeartBreaking Scenes Ever: Part 1

A melancholy knocked my door today and I decided to watch again some of the most heartbreaking scenes in turkish drama series. Are u ready guys? Because we have many to remember!

Ask-i  memnu: Of course the most touching scene. Bihter's suicide.Last scene of a series-legend!

Kara Sevda: Final episode, last scenes. When this endless love ended so unfair.😢

Poyraz Karayel: Of couldn't be missed the scene in which Aysegul took her last breath. What a final

Medcezir: The scene which made all of us crying like babies. When Yaman was about to die but Not ;)

Icerde: When Sarp and Mert learn that they are bros!Omg the most touching scene!

Soz: When Yavuz Komiser lost her beloved..

Aski memnu: Bihter told to Firdevs that she is going to die...

Poyraz Karayel: When after 2 years finding each others!

Ezel: The last episode of this legend...My heart is in pain..

Kara Sevda: When Kemal was about to die..

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Meryem- A series that will gonna rock!

Kanal D has already decided some of the new series that will gonna air this year. Starrin Ayca Aysin Turan Furkan Arduc Cemal Toktas and Bastemsu Ozdemir the new legend's name is Meryem, the name of the main character(Ayca Aysin Turan)!
 The senaryo is from a korean drama series. And the plot? The best of the best I swear! A young girl is full in love with her fiance..On the other hand a rich man is full in love with a poor girl but his family doesn't want her(what a surprise). A terrible accident unites their lives with the most tragic way. Oktay, Meryem's fiance is the "murderer" of Savas(Furkan Arduc) girlfriend. Meryem in order to save Oktay says that she is the murderer! Meryem goes to the prison and Savas comes only for taking revenge!
Meryem Akca very very soon will fall in love with Savas the only forbidden man in the entire word!

The series will gonna start this August but according to some reputations Kanal D wants to air it sooner!

I will post in addition the first trailer down below! Guys lets support this series because it worths!


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Dolunay Review!

Ok, this summer I haven't so much free time so I can't post articles so often. In addition unfortunately I can't watch turkish series as much as the last years. But I made the begginning with Donulay the comedy series with Ozge Gurel and Can Yaman.
Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για dolunay
A fresh series a romantic comedy series as it should be. Starring as I said before Ozge &Can two young stars who are the ideal couple for a series like that. The recipe not such an innovative but enjoyable for lonely summer nights. A young girl chef and a rich man will fall in love very very soon under difficult circumstances.
 Ozge Gurel is ok Ozge Gurel not something new, she plays as always..Can Yaman made the big surprise.I love his misterious style and his performance! Especially on the second episode when you will see a heart-breaking scene. Hakan Kurats is an excellent actor as well. I loved his performances too. I have admitted that he is too talented many many times before! Oznur Serceler is such a nice fresh face and plays exactly as she should play!

The plot isn't exhausting so far. They make me wanna watch the third episode. I want watch also the time that they will have a relationship! I loved a song that played on first episode and its title is Seviyorum Sevmiyorum. Check it out its ideal about those summer vibes ;p

 So to sum up watch Dolunay in order to pass a lovely time. Let yourself free to fall in love this summer! See u guys!

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Last News 4.7.17

في خبر يقول انه باريش وبيرين حيمثلو مع بعض  واسم مسلسل  #Gazino 👑🔥💜
طبعا كالعاده ف... - Gazino||الملهي 🔥💜 (@beren_ly)عندهم مسلسل سوا .. 😩❤️❤️❤️❤️ متحمسه للمسلسل الللف #barisharduc #berensaat  #mervebolugur - LAMOSH (@lm.z8)
New Season will gonna get us mad! Beren Saat is finally back with a new series and his partner will probably be Baris Arduc! What a surpriz! Just imagine our godess Beren with one of the most sexy actors nowadays! Merve Bolugur will be a part of the project as well! I'm the only one who is so exciting about this series?!
Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για neslihan atagul cagatay ulusoy
There are some reputations that telling a new which we would like to come true! Neslihan Atagul and Cagatay Ulusoy has came together in order to discuss about a new fantastic series. It's going to be a series for the Netflix. Nevertheless any of these news isnt't completely true.
Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για cagatay ulusoy
Cagatay Ulusoy will gonna play the leading role in a new movie. Koca Yusuf's story becoming an ambitius film! This summer and more specifically on Agust the shootings are going to start! Wish him the best!
Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για ruya dizisi
Ruya which means Dream is the name of Hazal Filiz's new series. Guys, I think that after watching second trailer this will be my favourite summer series! It's going to be a clasic story about a poor girl and a rich man. But a bit more dramatic. Every Tuesday our nights will gonna be much painful!
Kim Kimdir: Deli Gönül Today starts another summer-series named Deli Gonul which means Crazy Heart. Starring Murat Unalmis and Tuvana Turkay is a drama story about Fatmanur and Kadir. Two teacher that have fallen in love with each other but their love is such an impossible one. We wish good luck!
Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για dolunay dizi Today starts the series Dolunay as well. Starring Ozge Gurel and Can Yaman this summer-love will be our new habbit! A rich man and a poor chef :p A classic love story, a comedy series that promise beautiful nights! Today on Star Tv. Good Luck!
Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για iki yalanci Next week we are gonna watch the new series Iki Yalanci(2 Liars) with Keremcem and Yagmur Tanrisevsin. A love story, a Kara Sevda(I promise isn't going to be like Kemal&Nihan's) between two perfect liars which will learn how to love. The series starts 10.7 on Kanal D!