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Burak&Fahriye getting married!

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για fahriye burak
Ok I would like to publish it on last news article but we have many photos to see!
Recently, Burak Ozcivit and Fahriye Evcen is one of the most popular couples of Turkish Showbiz! We have watched them on a series named Calikusu and then on a movie, Burak's production which called of course Ask Sana Benzer(Love looks like you). Now they decided to get married because I swear their love is an endless one and I'm so glad to see a couple like them! Down below I will post some photos from Kina night, a traditional turkish costume!

New | Yeni @burakozcivit @evcenf / #buraközçivit #burakozcivit #kemalsoydere #fahriyeevcen #fahriyeninkınası #fahriyeninkinasi #karasevda #karasev... - Kara Sevda ✨ (@karasevda__endlesslove)FAHBUR.. 🌬❣️
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#fahriyeninkinasi #FahriyeEvcen #burakozcivit #kinagecesi ❤❤ - Fahriye Evcen & Burak Özçivit (@fevcen.bozcivit)
#fahriyeninkinasi #FahriyeEvcen #burakozcivit #kinagecesi ❤❤ - Fahriye Evcen & Burak Özçivit (@fevcen.bozcivit)-
#fahriyeninkinasi #FahriyeEvcen #burakozcivit #kinagecesi ❤❤ - Fahriye Evcen & Burak Özçivit (@fevcen.bozcivit)
#fahriyeninkinasi #FahriyeEvcen #burakozcivit #kinagecesi ❤❤ - Fahriye Evcen & Burak Özçivit (@fevcen.bozcivit)#FahriyeEvcen ❤️ - Faheng (@h_chieco)
#fahriyeninkinasi #FahriyeEvcen #burakozcivit #kinagecesi ❤❤ - Fahriye Evcen & Burak Özçivit (@fevcen.bozcivit)
#fahriyeninkinasi #FahriyeEvcen #burakozcivit #kinagecesi ❤❤ - Fahriye Evcen & Burak Özçivit (@fevcen.bozcivit)-
#fahriyeninkinasi #FahriyeEvcen #burakozcivit #kinagecesi ❤❤ - Fahriye Evcen & Burak Özçivit (@fevcen.bozcivit)
😍😍😍😍🔥 #fahriyeevcen #burakozcivit  #fahburevleniyor - Fahriye Evcen 👸🏻 (@evcenf_fan_)😍😍😍😍🔥 #fahriyeevcen #burakozcivit  #fahburevleniyor - Fahriye Evcen 👸🏻 (@evcenf_fan_)
#fahriyeninkinasi #FahriyeEvcen #burakozcivit #kinagecesi ❤❤ - Fahriye Evcen & Burak Özçivit (@fevcen.bozcivit)

Πέμπτη, 22 Ιουνίου 2017

Bu bir aşk degil..Bu bir Kara Sevda..

Kara sevda is finished! 😭❤ The end was so sad and amazing, it was something special! We will never forget it! 😭❤😍👌 @burakozcivit @nesl... - Burak Özçivit fanbase ❤ (@burakozcivit.fanbase)
Unfortunately some storıes haven't a happy end. Such a story was Nihan&Kemal's. An endless miserable unfullfilled love. A love full of obstacles, the love of  a rich girl and a poor boy.
That was Kemal and Nihan's first and last meeting. When the love was born and when the love has been written on the history. Emir won. Emir took everything from them one by one. Kemal sacrificed his life in order to save Nihan&their daughter Deniz.  Nihan was kidnapped by Emir and he setted everywhere mines..Nihan was tied so unhelpless. But ofcourse our heroe Kemal came and saved her...But he squeezzed on a mine...The police arrived but they could save only Emir. Kemal took Emir with him in order to die together and thus he saved he beloved. Before his death she asked Nihan to say him a last beautiful word and she said "I love u so much"...Of I cried out.
#love #burakozcivit #neslihanatagul #karasevda 💔 - Turk Series (@turkseriesofficial)
And their impossible love was forced to last such a little time. Omg. This scene broke my heart. And then, the explosion. Last glince. They will not see each other any more. Live is such an unfair monster.
أمير كوزجوأوغلو مر من هذه الدنيا 
Emir Kuzcuoğlu bu Dünyadan Geçti ❤❤💔💔😔 #KaraSevda
#Kaa... - Hala Turkish | هلا توركش (@hala.turkish)
One of the most important highlights of the episode was Neslihan's performance. And ofcourse Burak's. I want to congrat them because I swear these scenes will be unforgettable to all the viewers.
За себя я так никогда не переживала 😭🤣 все нервы вымотали турки 🙇🏾‍♀️браво а... - Марина Алиева (@marualieva)
I'm very satisfied because this was the final which matched to them. Such a "black love" such a forbidden relationship wouldn't have another end.
Душераздирающий конец😥😥😥#karasevda - Дарья Трофимова (@darya_trofimova95)
I loved as well Nihan's desperation. We could understand very well the pain of a woman who lost her beloved. Really guys the episode was unexplained. Every moment of the last third minutes was a real masterpiece.
Без слов ... 😞"Моя бесконечная любовь,моя жизнь,моя дорогая жена.Сегодня я проснул�... - Маникюр/Педикюр/Обучение (@zagirova_kazannail)
And the last scene. Omg. It was so breathtaking. Nihan looking for a ghost...Looking for his smile. But guys despite the pain which I'm in because of the final I think that it was one of the best finals ever! And as Kemal said "Bu bir ask degil..Bu bir Kara Sevda".. This isn't a love this is an impossible-endless-miserable-black love. So guys, "to new loves"...And don't forget. One person dies only when we will forget him.
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Τετάρτη, 21 Ιουνίου 2017

Ve Mutlu Son! Happy end!

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για icerde final
And Yes Happy End for Yilmaz Brothers💗💘 To be honest I would love a sad end for them because it would be unforgettable. Dont kill me please xD But I had to admit that despite the happy end the episode was PERFECT. As much as Medcezir! But let's begin because we have the comments about the final and then the comments for the big gala!
❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ @damlacolbay 
@iynemliarasbulut ||#bensusoral #cagatayulusoy #sarpyilmaz #sarmel #arasbulutiynemli #mertkaradağ #damlacolbay #e... - beyza (@eymer134) Ok Celal on the prison...But then managed to escape. And the fight begins for Sarp who is ready to sacryfice himself for save his beloved family. Mert wants to make a wedding proposal to Eylem and thus invite her to a dinner. And then Celal who everyone thought that is finally dead, appears! Umut on his arms and Eylem such a desperate girl trying to find Umut.
Σχετική εικόνα And then Sarp trying to find Umut when Davut died suddenly! Celal has Umut and make a plan to kill him
Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για icerde final And yes guys Sarp with a magical way tried to find his brother. Yilmaz brothers fighting against Celal when suddenly Celal shots Umut! And then a black screen and Sarp on the floor as well..And it was when all the country was crying. Because Yilmaz brother were almost dead. But no.. With a magical way again the managed to save themselves...And after a while we watch them happy. Sarp turns to the police while Umut is on the prison because of the crimes which he did with Celal Baba.
Φωτογραφία του χρήστη İçerde Dizisi. This was one of the best scenes! When Coskun says goodbye to Yilmaz brothers! xD I loved it!
Φωτογραφία του χρήστη İçerde Dizisi. I loved as well this flashback. Was so touching.
ФИНАЛ #Icerde# #arasbulutiynemli##cagatayulusoy
Закончился любимый сериал  и грустно и радостно одно... - ∞ (@natalikasytnik) In general the episode wasnt as I supposed to be. I had created on my mind an extremely sad final but I had to admit that this one was suitable to the series. I just love them. The second time I watched I understood that it will be unforgettable as well as Medcezir.

Now Icerde Gala. All the team was together in order to support Minik Kalpler watching on the same time Icerde's final episode. Down below you can enjoy some of the most beautiful photos which has been taken that night.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για icerde
Now Im so sad. What can I say for Icerde? It was one of the best turkish series ever.But anything good has an end. I still remember the day which the trailer was available. This excitment. Thank Icerde team for giving as such a wonderful job! Have a good summer and be ready for the new season!