Πέμπτη, 30 Μαρτίου 2017

Sadness all around

Deaths..Finals full of sadness but the same time high-quality and memorable ones. Many turkish series has "adopt" the trend to made their last episode with a no-happy end. That's why I love them! They know how to be written on history! They now how to become a legend! How to express their characters,show the desperation and ofcourse remind that life isn't all the time a continious party with smiles and happiness. Has also a dark side which they showing perfectly.  In my opinion turkish series worth this feature. Some characters which they never be forgotten.

 Σχετική εικόνα Bihter-Aşkı Memnu: Who forgot this? I think noone. Bihter, the woman who sacriface her self in the name of love. Got married with a rich man much older than her but in the unison she has fallen in love with Behlul with her whole heart! Bihter was desperate she was thinking that she couldn't live without him..And thus Ask-i memnu final has been written on history because of her death.. The death of a soul who was broken and unfixable. We will never forget her,their forbidden love.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για ezel final Ezel and Eyşan-Ezel: What kind of love? Everyone was crying from the first episode when met each other. Who could predict their end their story their destiny? Anyone. Eysan betrayed him to save her sister. Omer changed almost everything but not his feelings. And their end was predictable from the first time...They couldn't live happy after all..Thus Eysan has been killed by Omer's best friend while Omer suicide for her. They died together in a train. In this station started everything! And ended also... Another story which is unforgetable!

 Feriha-Adını Feriha Koydum: I'm extremely sure that anyone couldn't forget Feriha's death. Everything happened sunddenly. Without reason two beautiful bright slimes fade out. Feriha was jus a poor girl who hadn't any desire from life. Emir was a rich one passionate for living. By meeting each other their destiny changed! Many obstacles from their beloveds about inspite of them they made it! Their wedding wasn't as the others. Feriha's wedding dress was full of blood. Thus another love defeated by death! We will never forget them!

 Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για poyraz karayel aysegul olumAyşegül Umman-Poyraz Karayel: Poyraz Karayel..One name,one legend. The series started with drama comedy action romantism..The story of the mafya's daughter and a polisman.. A life full of obstacles and enemies. 3 seasons with an episode which had every time something to say! Something to make comprehensive about life. And the end comes to say all! Tarih Sadece Mutsuzlari Yazar..The quote which will never be forgotten! History remembers only the miserables! The biggest love on turkish history said its last goodbye. But we will never forget Aysegul and Poyraz's love! The girl died the boy got mad.

Σχετική εικόνα Aylin&Ali- Öyle bir geçer zamanki: The story of Akarsu's family. A family which showed us the mistakes that can be maken by every family nowadays! The two main characters left us without think a little how we were going to feel! Aylin a young rebelious girl who made her own choice and got married with the man of her dreams even if she was a little girl. She said goodbye because of an ilness-or something like that- which had to face when she was pregnant. On the other side her father Ali the most tragical person in the story! A life full of lies,desperation,mistakes.  But when he regreted time couldn't be back. Thus suicide on the sea. We will never forget neither Aylin&Soner's love nor Cemile&Ali's.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για delibal baris Barış-Delibal: And now a memorable death from a movie which we loved with our whole heart! Delibal its name...Baris a psycho guy falls in love with a sweet girl...They got married but he couldn't managed to fight with his psychological disaster. Thus Baris took a tragic decision which was to kill hiself in order to live her without problems. Baris make all the cinemas cries again and again! We will miss you Baris..Thank u for being the proof that love really exists!

Σχετική εικόνα Ecevit-Suskunlar: Ecevit.. A name,a whole story. Who can forget the plot of the series? such a tainted one. Some childs on the prison because of a big mistake. They were abusing all the time,they lose their lives,their childhood.And then revenge..But they couldn't make it. Ecevit the guy who loved only a woman,the guy who wanted so much to live. But he died on her arms..Goodbye to a childhood..To a love..

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για paramparca gulseren olum Gülşeren-Paramparça: The definition of the powerful woman. Grow up her child alone..all alone..She falls in love with the real dad of her "daughter" and thinks that her life is going to be perfect. But again everything had to end so bad! Gulseren has been killed on her wedding! Her daughters lost a mother her beloved a lover..Life's tragedy!

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για ask sana benzer son sahne Ali-Aşk Sana Benzer: A love which started so suddenly. Loved each other yes with the first glince. But the terrible past of Deniz's life destroyed everything. Ali gave his life to her with his own way! She lived in eternity with their child..! This love..They couldn't fight with the destiny! Deniz&Ali will love each other till the end of time!

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για acı hayat final Nermin-Acı Hayat: Another love which money destroyed. Nermin a poor girl loved so much him..But ok when a rich one loves nothing matters. Finally she died and he stayed all alone. Without her,without his rose. But a new love began when the old one died. Hope that one day they will be together again in another world.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για evim sensin son sahne Leyla-Evim Sensin: Another movie which left us a terrible sadness. Due to an illness Leyla died...Iskender lived but with her. Lived by her tomb's side..Because Iskender's home was her.Only her.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για dudaktan kalbe final Kenan-Dudaktan Kalbe: Kenan the definition of desperation. He lost himself which was the worst thing that could happens to a person. Loved yes...He loved very much a simple girl like us. Because in her eyes he could see himself. But her "betrayal", the betrayal who was forced to make killed him. With a gun said "Stop! I can't live!"..We will never forget

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για seni seviyorum adamım son Ezel-Seni Seviyorum Adamım: And now a movie who I loved so much! (because yes Baris is my favourite one!) Ezel had a terible illness but she wanted so much to live! Met Baris a music producer who made her dream come true! Love love and love. But the predicyable end..You know.. Ezel left her last breath..Sometimes love isnt' enough!

Παρασκευή, 24 Μαρτίου 2017

Last News!

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για beren saat ilker kaleli Guys you know my favourite actor is ofcourse Ilker Kaleli(Before was Kenan Imirzalioglu but now I think that Ilker is a bit better for me) and my queen,my everything the one and only Beren Saat is my favourite actress! Some days before turkish medias said that Beren and Ilker had a meeting for a new project! I'm so happy after Poyraz Karayel's end Ilker is ready to take his next step! What if is going to be a new series for this September? Omg! DREAM

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για fi dizi Fi is going to be the new addiction! Trailers are available on youtube and believe me have many differents from the other typical movie series. More obssessed,more passionate.. Starring Serenay Sarikaya,Ozan Guven,Mehmet Gunsur,Busra Develi,Berrak Tozunatac.Check it out and dont miss the grand premier

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για soz dizisi Endemol's new series is called Soz. Starring Tolga Saritas Aybuke Pusat Avatar Atakan Su Kutlu is going to be an army series. A soldier lost his beloved and comes back to take revenge. The series will be aired by Star Tv when Paramparca left its viewers after an unforgettable final.

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History remembers only the miserables: POYRAZ KARAYEL, the legend

1-3-17..One of the most sad days of my life. Never imagine that one series one series like that which I wasn't interested when makes its premier was meant to be part of my life. And yesterday made a final, said goodbye to its viewers with a way which will never be forgotten. But let's make a review..Poyraz was a character a little crazy but the same time had the desire to live his life, make love and last but not least to be happy with Sinan, his beloved son. A policeman, Poyraz Karayel who loved Oguz Atay's quotes and books meets Aysegul a beautiful doctor daughter of the mafya.. Everyone knowed their end. It was obvious from the first time they met each other in a taxi. First season ending with Poyraz and Aysegul's "divorce"..Second season starts with Sinan, this blond boy facing the death..Second season ends with Poyraz's death and Aysegul's desperation. Everyone, all the fans were waiting the big come back on September 2016. But the ratings didn't show this "expactation"...Thus 1 March 2017 has been chosen as the day in which Poyraz Karayel will say the last "Hepsi manyak bunlarin"...
İçimiz kıyıldı be albayım! 🙇🏼‍♀️🌗
#oğuzat... - İmran şakar 💍 🐞😉 💞 (@imranozkiray)To be honest as a big fan of the series I thought that is going to end with a happy end and this would dissapoint me a bit. Why? I'm a sad-final obsessed guys! xD Anyway I had a performance which was ending at 9:30. I ran back to my home in order to turn the tv up because my all time favourite series was making its last episode. Everything on the road.. Dont lie to you I was boring because everyone was so happy! XD Then Poyraz and Aysegul in a mini-bus singing Elleri-Ellerime..Such an emotional song which will always reminds me of this beautiful couple! Poyraz stops at a gas station and Aysegul full of happiness goes to the bathroom before they start an awesome trip to infinity. But destiny has her own plans.. Aysegul looks at the mirror and see Nevra's face.."Onu gordugum an olecegimi biliyordum" The time I saw her I was sure that I'm going to die..And the bitch named Nevra takes  a knife and kills Poyraz's Aysegul.."19 minutes later I will be dead" said our beautiful Ayse..But the only thing of which was thinking about: She wanted to see him for a last time..To say him that is dying..To give him a last hug, a last kiss. Aysegul holds her last breath and close her eyes on Poyraz's arms. Poyraz grieves..Prays not to leave him..But Aysegul has already left..Poyraz can't believe it..Take her corpse and getting mad..Walking on the road full of cars crying about her,about her unfair death.
💔💔 كل نهاية ليست بداية جديدة ، كل نهاية هي نهاية 
#poyrazkarayel - Eman Terzioğlu⚜ (@burcinerm)During the funeral all Umman family's members bewail. Anyone couldn't immagine that their story will end like this. On the other side Poyraz. Got mad.. Without shoes or normal clothes keeps balloons and walking and smiling and laughing..Without thinking about reality.Poyraz, the man who wasn't a life owner but only one of the losers. 10 mounths later Poyraz staying at a psychiatric institution..Writting all the time a book..His book..The story of an insane..Imagine Ayşegül wearing the clothes in which saw her first time. How much he loved her...You will never know..And then the epic quote which Poyraz prints.."Tarih sadece mutsuzlari yazar"-History remembers only the miserables..Last scene..Sinan takes Poyraz's hand..Such as the first time..Like the first episode..Dad and son walking hand by hand. And then..."The end"...The end of a legend, not a series but a piece of art..A masterpiece. A series which starts like drama ends like drama. A series which wasn't like the others. It was a pionner. Congrats to all the team..Congrats to all the actors for their performances and ofcourse for the unforgettable moments which gave to us!
قبل شوية خلصت الحلقة 💔
ما عندي تعليق والله ، على انها نهاية متوقعة بس احس انصدمت�... - 👑 (@bustud)Thanks to Ilker Kaleli who let me know many things about acting..Thank u for being the definition of acting. Thank u for being the best actor I have ever seen. Congrats also to the talented Burcin Terzioglu..Her performances were TOP! Also cograts to Ataberk Mutlu this amazing junior actor with huge acting skills.
VEDA ETTİK #albayım #poyrazkarayel - ömer halisdemir üniversitesi (@edebiyat_.sokakta)Congrats to Musa Uzunlar one of the best actors in Turkey! A really mafya dad who will never be forgotten! Congrats to Celil Nalcakan and Hare Surel for being unforgettable actors! congrats to Kanbolat Gorkem Arslan and Emel Colgecen for their memorable story and performances on the series. Congrats to Funda Eryigit,Ali Il,Cem Cucenoglu,Eda Ozdikici for being an important piece of our series.Congrats in general to all the actors and actresses. A big applaush also to the directors and screenwritters.
I don't know when I will stop crying after that...Nevertheless I'm sure of one thing..I will never forget this series! NEVER..From now and then it's my favourite one. Thanks to my dear friend Viki whoforced me to watch the series by recommending it. Poyraz Karayel thank u for made me happy,sad,laughed,loved but first of all made me a better person! Thank u for your existance! At least because of you a miracle comes into my life! *En azından senin yüzünden mücize hayatımda oldu"