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4 new series waiting us in 2017!

Hi guys! Been a long time since I saw you.. My free time is limited so I can't be very active! But I'm back with a new post for you! I'm very very excited because 2017 will be for sure a shiny year! Endemol Shine Turkey, Ay Yapim and Tims Production made for us 4 series which gonna rock!!! 2 of them have already presented their promotion-trailers! But for what I'm talking about?! They called Bu şehir arkandan gelecek. Ölene Kadar. FiÇiPi. Evlat Kokusu....Lets a little more details about them!

Bu Şehir Arkandan Gelecek
Görüntünün olası içeriği: 2 kişi, yakın çekim
And this Kerem Bürsins come back! Be ready guys! Bu Şehir Arkandan Gelecek means This town will come behind you and its about Ali a young captain who is the same time boxer...Ali has left İstanbul because of his mothers death..She died when Ali was a little child..And the murder? His stepfather a wealth ambitious man...Ali is forced to come back in this town which is like a nightmare for him. There falls in love with Pelin a young rich dancer...A pretty girl but a little pessimist due to her father who is very strict and doesn't leave her to live her own dream. The tragedy? Pelin is the daughter of Ali's stepfather... Kerem Bursin, Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu, Nilperi Şahinkaya, Gürkan Uygun, Burak Tamdoğan, Defne Kayalar, Osman Alkaş  will have the main roles. The series will be on air by Atv...But I'm scary because only Wednesday and Thursday are free days. Ay Yapim will sacrifice one more series by putting it opposite of another series which owns? Hope not to be true this reputation...! Nevertheless I'm extremely excited about this new project...We took a taste from the 2 first trailers!  I'm sure that Kerem and Leyla Lydia will gonna rock! Good Luck canlar!أبطال مسلسل #هذه_المدينة_ستلاحقك 
 #Gürkan Uykun #leylalydiatugutlu #Burak_Tamdoğan #Nilperi_şahinkaya
#Ali... - مسلسل هذه المدينة ستلاحقك (@bu_sehir_arabic)کادر سریال #این_شهر_پشت_سرت_خواهد_آمد 
#کرم_بورسین #لیلا_لیدیا 
#kerembursin #busehirarkandangelecek #b... - turkishdizi_persianfc (@turkishdizi_persianfc)
The love birds 💕😻 - 
اظن في مغزى من نشوء قصة حبهم و تقاربهم في اول حلقة 
و هو ان ال 24 ساعة ا... - Bu Şehir Arkandan Gelecek 🔜 (@bsag.fans)#BuSehirArkandanGelecek 👊 - Bu Sehir Arkandan Gelecek..! (@busehirarkandangelecek.ali)
😭 #alismit #kerembursin #buşehirarkandangelecek #busehirarkandangelecek - @indswati-Сегодня я исполню танец своей жизни!
#KeremBursin #Keremomaniya #KB #Busehirarkandangelecek #Derin #Ali - Керем Бюрсин❤ (@kerembursin.keremomaniya)

Ölene Kadar
"Ölene Kadar" Ocak ayında ATV ekranlarında seyirciyle buluşacak. / "Until Death” starts in January on ATV.

#enginakyurek #fahriyeevcen #oleneka... - Engin Akyurek Projeler (@enginakyurekprojeler)
And it means Engins come back world! Are you ready to be glued on the screen for 1754 time;; Both me! Engin s new project called Ölene Kadar and it menas till the death...The story? To be honest I havent understand it yet. A young man condemned as a murderer because of the death of his wife's father. But another man has killed him(the reason?not clear yet!) Then on the trailer appears Fahriye and a mini slogan which tells "Bu hayatta ya umut oldurur insani ya da vicdan"...And of course Fahriye into a club! In the series will take part,apart from our stars Engin and Fahriye, as well as Gulcan Arslan, Sarp Levendoglu,Tansu Bicer,Lale Mansur ecc. The series will be on aired on January and specifically by Atv! (Atv this series will be to the top for sure)...Tims Production is also ready to be the big winner for this season. The upcoming series has already be a trend on social media so just imagine what will gonna be when it comes to our screen.Stay Tuned hope the best of luck!
Aşk,ihanet,vicdan,adalet ve intikam iç içe... ocak ayinda atv'de başliyor
الحب،الخيانة،الضمير،العدالة و الانتقا... - Őlene kaDar||حتى الممات (@olenekadar_3arb).
الاعلان 2 جاهز وممكن هالاسبوع "الثلاثاء"💃
#حب_اعمى #حتى_الممات #حتى_الموت 
#banasevmeyianl... - Őlene kaDar||حتى الممات (@olenekadar_3arb)
Осталось совсем немного до премьеры нового турецкого сериала "До самой смерти"🎉
#... - До самой смерти/Olene Kadar (@olene.kadar.russia).
افخم كااااست كله غمووووض و قصة تحير😭❤️ حبييييت الاعلان بقوووة😍✌🏻️😻 ، انا ب... - حتى الممات - Ölene Kadar (@olenekadar_3rb)


Görüntünün olası içeriği: 4 kişi, oturan insanlar ve iç mekan
Its going to be a new internet platform starring Serenay Sarikaya,Mehmet Gunsur,Ozan Guven,Berrak Tozunatac..Ay Yapim made FICIPI trilogy into a mini series of 16 episodes. Fresh idea hope it like them because in my opinion its a bit risky as far as it concerns turkish people favourites.. The plot hasn't be revealed yet...Nor the trailer. Hope we will have some infos very soon
Görüntünün olası içeriği: 4 kişi, gülümseyen insanlar, ayakta duran insanlar ve iç mekanGörüntünün olası içeriği: 4 kişi, gülümseyen insanlar, oturan insanlar ve iç mekan
Görüntünün olası içeriği: 4 kişi, gülümseyen insanlar, ayakta duran insanlar, oturan insanlar ve iç mekanGörüntünün olası içeriği: 4 kişi, oturan insanlar ve iç mekan

Evlat Kokusu
Kanal D'deyiz...
#handesoral #bariskilic #sedefavci #evlatkokusu - Evlat Kokusu (@evlatkokusuofficiall)
Evlat Kokusu its means Child's scent and its going to be a production by Endemol Shine Turkey, the creator of thrilling Paramparca,Kordugum,Kis Gunesi.. Starrin Barış Kılıç Sedef Avcı Hande Soral this new phenomenon will touch you heart(I hope not to be stopped again as much turkish series).. Neither the main plot nor the main character have been come to the surface until now. The only info is the 3 leading roles! Kanal D will be the channel by which will be aired Evlat Kokusu..Shootings have already started at least for Hande Soral who posted a photo from the set.So good luck babies hope this new intersting series will be a boxoffice!
Dizimiz başlamasına sayılı günler kaldı..!
#evlatkokusu #handesoral #bariskilic #sedefavcı #metehorozoğlu #nejatişler #dizi #arap #türk - Evlat Kokusu (@evlatkokusuofficiall)`Dizimiz Ocak ayında @kanald 'de başlıyor...
#handesoral #evlatkokusu #nejatişler #bariskilic #sedefavcı #metehorozoğlu #dizi #kanald #içerde - Evlat Kokusu (@evlatkokusuofficiall)
#evlatkokusu #handesoral #bariskilic #sedefavcı #nejatişler #metehorozoğlu - Evlat Kokusu (@evlatkokusuofficiall)Evlat Kokusu için geri sayım başladı...
#evlatkokusu #handesoral #bariskilic #metehorozoğlu #sedefavcı #kanald - Evlat Kokusu (@evlatkokusuofficiall)

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Altin Kelebek&Last News! November Edition

Last sunday was the magnificent night of the worldwide popular event which organised by Turkey and specific Kanal D, Altin Kelebek(Gold Butturfly)..Let's start with the results!

Best Drama Series

Dirlis Ertugrul

Participated: Kara Sevda, Poyraz Karayel, Hayat Sarkisi, Eskiya Dunyaya Hukumdar Olmaz
Best Actress

Burcin Terzioglu (Plays on Poyraz Karayel)

Participated: Neslihan Atagul, Nurgul Yesilcay, Burcu Bircik, Deniz Cakir

Best Actor
Ilker Kaleli(Plays on Poyraz Karayel)

Participated: Burak Ozcivit, Oktay Kaynarca, Birkan Sokullu, Engin Altan Duzyatan

Best Comedy

Kiralik Ask

Participated: Tatli Intikam, Kertenkele, Guldur Guldur, Seksenler

Best Actress Comedy

Elcin Sangu

Participated: Hande Ercel, Demet Ozdemir, Leyla Lydia Tugutlu, Hande Dogandemir

Best Actor Comedy

Baris Arduc

Participated: Serkan Cayoglu, Furkan Andic, Timur Acar, Soray Uzun

Best Couple

Leyla Lydia Tugutlu-Furkan Andic(Tatli Intikam)

Participated: Burcin&Ilker, Neslihan&Burak, Elcin&Baris, Birkan&Burcu

Best Kid Actor

Beren Gokyildiz

Participated: Aybark Kartal, Ataberk Mutlu, Sibel Melek Arat, Berat Efe Parlar

Esaretin Bedeli: I was well-known that Engin Akyurek will be back this year with a new series. Now, we know the main characters and the actors who starring with him. Fahriye Evcen joined the leading role with our star, Engin. In addition, Sarp Leventoglu will take part in the series full of mystery. Shootings have already started with much of excitment.!

Kenan Imirzalioglu with...Meryem Uzerli?: Ay Yapim is prepearing a new series only for Kenan Imirazlioglu. Many months were searching his partner without success. These days took the several desicion and sent to Meryem Uzerli the big 'proposal" Will she accept the "challenge" to play with one of the most important turkish actors, Kenan Imirzalioglu in a new series? Or will she be scaried because of her failure on Gecenin Kralicesi? Cy....

Cesur Ve Guzel started!: Starring Kivanc Tatlitug, Tuba Buyustun and many other new actors&actress or even older and experienced, Cesur ve Guzel (Brave and Beautiful) series has been started. I watched the half of the first episode just because of my free time which is under limitations..My comments? Ok a nice series but not such as good enough...I was waiting something WOW. Anyway, not bad. I suggest to take a glince in order to make ur own opinion! The most important is ratings which have became very high!Won even Vatanim Sensin the other phenomenon with Berguza Korel&Halit Ergcenc.!

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A legend named ANNE has been created

Την Τριτη το βραδυ ηταν η πρεμιερα μια εκ των πιο αναμενομενων σειρων της φετινης σεζον. Ο λογος φυσικα για το ΑΝΝΕ (Μητερα)...Με πρωταγωνιστρια την Cansu Dere,Beren Gokyildiz&Vahide Percin η σπαρακτικη σειρα εμφανιστηκε στις οθονες μας. Η αληθεια ειναι πως δεν περιμενα ποτε να μπορεσει μια οποιαδηποτε τηλεοπτικη παραγωγη να αποτυπωσει τοσο πιστα τον πονο που βιωνουν καθημερινα εκατονταδες παιδια λογω της ενδοοικογενειακης κακοποιησης. Η συγκεκριμενη διασκευη καταφερε να διαπρεψει αντικατροπτιζοντας τον ανυπερβλητο πονο μικρων ψυχων που δεν μπορεσαν να αγαπηθουν απο τις οικογενειες τους. Η σειρα ξεκιναει με την ζωη της μικρης Μελεκ...Η μητερα της συνοδος κυριων σε ενα κακοφημο μπαρ,αλκοολικη και διχως οικτο...Ο πατερας της ειναι νεκρος ενω ο πατριος της ενσαρκωνει ενα επιγειο "τερας"...Οσο νκαι να προσπαθει να ξεκλεψει ενα βλεμμα αγαπης απο την ακαρδη μητερας της, αποτυγχανει...Μοναδικη της παρηγορια το μικρο κουνελι της...Η συνεχεια της ιστοριας κατι παραπανω απο οδυνηρη...Καταφερνει να καθηλωσει και τον πιο απαιτητικό τηλεθεατη προκαλωντας του συναισθημα συμπονιας προς το προσωπο του μικρου κοριτσιου..Απο την αλλη η "δασκαλα" Ζεινεπ...Μια ψυχρη γυναικα η οποια υπηρξε θυμα της μητερας της. Εγκαταλειφθηκε και αυτο της στοιχισε την εμπιστοσυνη προς το ανθρωπινο ειδος. Οταν γνωριζει την Μελεκ αρχικα αδιαφορει...Μη μπορωντας να συλληψει  ο νους της την σοκαριστικη αληθεια..Την ιστορια αυτης της αθωας ψυχης...Επειτα οταν την εντοπιζει σε σακουλα σκουπιδιων δεν μπορει να κανει τιποτε αλλο παρα να δρασει. Η μικρη Μελεκ εχει καταφερει να κερδισει την αγαπη της διστροπης Ζεινεπ...Ετσι η νεαρη γυναικα την απαγαγει προκειμενου να της προσφερει μια καλυτερη ζωη...Η καταδιωξη ομως δεν αργει να εμφανιστει..Εκει ριχνει αυλαια και το πρωτο επεισοδιο το οποιο καταφερε να αποσπασει το 16% του κοινου της Τριτης με δυνατους αντιπαλους οπως το Eskiya Dunyaya Hukumdar Olmaz,Hayat Sarkisi...Σχολιαζοντας τους καθε ηθοποιους ξεχωριστα θα ηθελα να τονισω πως κανενας δεν καταφερε να ειναι ανταξιος της Μπερεν Ακγιντιζ. Το κοριτσακι ενιωθε τον χαρακτηρα που υποδυόταν κατι που πολλες φορες οι πραγματικοι ηθοποιοι δεν ικανοι να αντιληφθουν. Καθε της λεξη ηταν τουλαχιστον συγκινητικη..Καταφερε να ραγισει την καρδια μου,να αγγιξει την ψυχη μου...Ακομα και το πιο αφανες κομματι της...Η Τζανσου Ντερε εδωσε μια απο τις κλασσικες της ερμηνειες. Αρκετα καλη ηθοποιος δεν ξεφευγε απο τον χαρακτηρα της "Ζεινεπ"...Η χημεια προφανης,οι διαλογοι ασυλληπτοι ,,,Gonca Vuslateri...Αρκετα πιστη η μιμηση της μανας που δεν επιθυμει το παιδι της αλλα τον ερωτα.Πιονι του Τζενγκιζ ζει το δικο της μαρτυριο...Berkay Ates...Για μενα αποτελεσε "αποκαλυψη"...Ενθουσιαστηκα με την υποκριτικη του και αδημονώ να τον ξανα απολαυσω την ερχομενη εβδομαδα! Τελος, Can Nergis...Παρολο που ο ρολος του ηταν μικρος καταφερε να κερδισει την συμπαθεια του κοινου. Να σημειωσω πως τεριαζει με την εντυπωσιακη Τζανσου! Η σειρα τερματισε με τηλεθεαση 16,82 και 23% στα σοσιαλ μιντια! Συνεπως ενα νεο φαινομενο γεννιεται!

All of us watched with enthusiasm the new socially series,Anne witch means Mother. Starring Cansu Dere, Vahide Percin, Beren Gokyildiz etc. the series is going to be a legend very very soon! Episode left us with speechless..The best impression has been made by everyone because of the plot! A little girl is being totured by her own family. Living in a small village,making her own food...Like a real woman...Everything due to her mother who has "abandoned" her...Beren gave her bests and proved that is a little star. Cansu Dere showed again how skillful she is..Gonca Vuslati left her mark as well as Berkay Ates...Ratings was satisfiting enough: 16,82 in general and 23% on social media.

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Review Time: Sürgün-Kocan Kadar Konuş-Bana Adını Sor-Balık

Last weekend I was sick so I decided to pass my time by watching turkish cinemas that I had to watch for a long time(some weeks but it seems like century xD)..So a made a little search and I saw again the trailers for some movies which I loved to watch.Thus I take the decision to watch 3 different movies...A historical romance drama,a comedy and a classical drama.Today I'm making a review about them down below.Enjoy and decide if you want to see some of them!

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για surgun I had a need to see a historical drama.I don't know why but I think that I haven't study well this factor xD So I saw again Surgun's trailer and it made me sense.The story revolving around Eleni a greek wealthy girl who study at the same university with Sedat a turkish guy.Both of them recognize from their childhood and want to be teachers. Eleni&Sedat want to be married but Eleni's father,Stavros doesn't give the permission. One day due to Cyprus Deportation Stavros being a banisher..Eleni had to follow him and leave Sedat.But Sedat make his bests to help Eleni and her family and put himself in danger.The two lovers live a separated life when Sedat go to the prison...Ege their child had born but Sedat don't know it. After 20 years Eleni and Sedat meet again each other but everything has been different.Sedat continued his life in contrast to Eleni who waited him for a lifetime.....Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για surgunMovie's end its a bit "without meaning and why ending"..Eleni left little Ege to his father and go away without saying a word...Movie's quote is "If you love someone left him free...If he will come back to you he were mine if he don't you haven't ever become"...So I think that the writter&director wanted to reflect this quote in the end..I mean that Sedat didn't come back to Eleni but Eleni did.So she was him but he wasn't...Although I think that this love was true and Sedat loved with his whole heart Eleni despite her cultural,social differences.As far as it concerns performances I think that Saadet Aksoy wasn't well enough but not indifferent.Tolagahan Sayısman gave a better performance which made sense. Mahir Gunsiray&Ruhsar Ocal were good enough! The music was classical.I loved very much the song named Hatirla Ey Peri (Remember fairy)...So as a result I think that I would watch this movie again if I had free time!I recomend you If you want to travel in different eras.

Kocan Kadar Konus
Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για kocan kadar konuşA widespread comedy that I want to watch a long time! Starring Murat Yildirim&Ezgi Mola,based on a best seller.Efsun is a tipical turkish woman at the age of 30 who hasn't a relationship and searching for a hasband! She met by accident Sinan her first&only love from school.Sinan was also in love with Efsun but anyone didn't admit to each other.They remember the old days and their endless love again.But Sinan thinks that Efsun has changed&her only need is to be married! The movie has been ended in order to has a sequel! My first impression is that I had fun with this movie and forgot my personal problems!:P I will watch it again!! Ezgi &Murat are a legend!The music was by Model and I loved every single part of it especially the song Golgede Buyuyen Cicek which will make you want school&childhood back xD Now I'm preparing to watch Kocan Kadar Konus 2: Dirilis which I think is the last one although I don't know if will has a sequel as well,there aren't any announcement or something.All the movie is a true comedy and give as the sense how a turkish family is real be!! The funny quotes are so good and was making sense too!;P Especially on bar scene!Watch it and you will gonna remember me ;)

Bana Adini Sor
Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για bana adini sor
And the last one which called Bana Adini Sor(Ask me your name) is a typical turkish social drama.I want to watch this movie only for Engin Hepileri who is by far one of the best turkish actors I had ever seen!The story revolving around two best friends...The girl is secreatly in love with the boy but he doesn't knows...then he fall in love with another girl and passes the best time of his life although his best-friend dying inside by seeing him happy with a woman lie Merve. One day everything get changed.Hakan has a terrible ilness...Merve abandoned him but Yasemin,his best friend,stays by his side.Because this is a real pure love!I will not give spoilers but I reccomend this movie if you want to see what the power of fidelity can do. Im also satisfied as far as it concerns music! I have only a notice: Firstly you will get a little bored but after the 1 hour you will see what the senarist wants to tell us! ;)

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για balik film
Last weekend there was turkish film festival days in my country,Greece. Unfortunately I'm only 16 and I couldn't watch all the movies.I managed to go and see only one! The name of the film was Balik which means Fish. The movie begins with a myth of a fish which can be the cure of Kaya's daughter who is unable to speak.This movie is exactly for a festival! It isn't something wow but it has an interesting especially if you like this kind of movies!Notice: Starring Bulent Inal who is a veteran actor!If you want to watch something different try it! :)

Κυριακή, 16 Οκτωβρίου 2016

Poyraz Karayel: This series is a truly masterpiece

Poyraz Karayel started two years ago..This wasn't published enough but nevertheless managed to take satisfied ratings. I knew that series but I haven't started to watch it..One day this summer I took the big desicion in order to make an opinion about the legend Poyraz Karayel...I have only a word to descibe this series: MASTERPIECE! Dram,Romance,Comedy,Action! All in all! The screenplay,characters,music...No comments they are all great! Well,second season ended with Poyraz's death something that made us want to die too xD Everyone knows that Ilker will not leave the series and senarists will thought something to put him again in the series...The first trailer with the wall phrase Bir Mucize Olsun---Let's be a miracle gave us hopes. But the other trailers haven't an element about the fact that Poyraz is alive...In addition posters came to the surface without Ilker...Kanal D make a general trailer about the new season without Ilker...Wednesday 12/10 came...Every character put a video put Ilker not...All the cast went to the premier's party but Ilker didn't...And then all are hopes were dead to! Instagram,Twitter,Fb everyone got mad! Where is Ilker??? The episode was coming to the end....and then the big miracle!!!!! Ilker went to the party and came also to our screens!!!!!!!! After his interview Ilker said that he was all the time alone in a room in order not to be seen by journalists! Our series comes with a new story...No Aysegul has to face the fact that Poyraz is alive but she is married...Bahri is in danger again...Cinar's family is full of secrets...Meltem is getting into troubles...Mumtaz came back in order to take revenge! What is going to happened? Trailer gave us a little taste from Ilker&Burcin's performances which is SOOOO great! Especially Ilker is a real actor! If u don't watch it,think it again!
Poyraz ve Ayşegülün iç acıtan buluşması #kanald #poyrazkarayel #ilkerkaleli #burcinterzioglu #ilkeraksum #celilnalcakan #ataberkmutlu #aliil #eceozdikici #cemcucenoglu #haresurel #idilfirat #musauzunlar #aydaaksel #fundaeryigit #instagood #follow #follow4follow #followforfollow #followforlike #likes #likeforlike #likeforfollow #follow4follow #like4like  #follows #followback

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Burak Özçivit in Greece! I WAS THERE!

13/10/16 was a special day because one of my favourite turkish actros came to my country. I know him since 2009 when I started to which turkish television&not only! I had a belief that he will be a real star!And he did it. Yesterday came for his own gala for the movie Kardeşim Benim due to Turkish Film Festival 2016! Fans around the country had the opportunity to see him at 6 o clock..Then Burak comes.All of us was screaming!xD He take a video and give us his hand!He had a great smile full optimism and this is the most important one! He gave also an interview and press conference.Everything was so perfect! A unique experience even if it was for a little time! Wish next time see him a much longer!Here some photos(I took the first one xD)


Δευτέρα, 10 Οκτωβρίου 2016

Last News!

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για burak ozcivitBurak Ozcivit will be in Greece on 13/10 for Turkish Film Festival in order to present his movie "Kardesim Benim:My Brother"...Unfortunately will not be everyone to see our lovely actor because the event will be "closed"...Although everyone can attend the other two days the 14 and 15/10 with meritorious movies such as Unutursam Fisilda,Balik etc.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για pazartesi gunu reytingleriAs I told to you to my last post, Monday is a difficult day! Many series fight for the first place! 19/9, the first day of this fight ended two weeks ago..Kirgin Cicekler was on 1 place,Icerde on 2,Paramparca on 3,Babam Ve Ailesi on 16...Second week Icerde was the big winner,second place Kirgin Cicekler,8 place Babam Ve Ailesi,11 Paramparca...Unfortunately Paramparca seems to lose this fight....3/10,third fight Icerde became one more time the big winner,Kirgin Cicekler gained second place,Babam Ve Ailesi 5 and Paramparca 6...Today is the 4 day of fighting and  we waiting to see the big results.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για serenay sarikaya engin akyurekSerenay Sarikaya&Engin Akyurek come back with a new series from Tims Production &Atv!This year tv sector will face a big wave of come-backs! Esaretin Bedeli will be the name of the series which will gonna rock! According to my last infos the series will be on aired on January!

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για bu sehir arkandan gelecekBu Sehir Arkandan Gelecek: I just loved this series!I really loved it!Ali a guy who lost her mother will be back in the town which hate most-Istanbul-He will be in love with the daughter of his mother's criminal!We already know that "This town will follow you" main's role will be Kerem Bursin but there aren't any valuable info just reputation about the actress who will gonna play by Kerem's side and says that will gonna be Ezgi Eyuboglu .Both this series will begin on January!:D

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για seviyor sevmiyorSeviyor Sevmiyor won an award from South Korea!This turkish-hit don't give up!Couldn't anyone understand that this series will make such a success!So it won Best Comedy Series from a well-known event!In addition it has the first place on Sundays!

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για ikimizin yerineIkimizin Yerine Efsanesi: Serenay Sarikaya,Nejat Isler&Zerrin Tekindor taking part in this movie which will be a real myth!Final countdown and the beautiful movie will be on cinemas on 21/10...The movie narrates the story of Cicek a student who fall in love with her teacher Dogan..Although a big secreat between he and Cicek's mother will separate them...In my opinion Cicek's mother had a relationship with Dogan and maybe Cicek will be their daughter.But it's a bit extragarating a think.Nevertheless I wish that we will learn very soon the main ypothesis.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για vatanım sensinVatanim Sensin: First trailer of Halit Ergenc&Berguzar Korel's upcoming series is out.The series will tell us about Izmir and a love which is going to blossom under those difficult circumstances! In the series will take part also Sebnem Hassanisoughi&Onur Saylak.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για poyraz karayel 3 sezonPoyraz Karayel will be on aired this Wednesday with a special episode...Poyraz Karayel series's actors said that this season will be very very different and every episode will be like a final! Although all of us want to see Ilker in order to calm down...However will make patience till the big day!
Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για yıldızların altında fox tv Yildizlarin Altinda was the upcoming series of Fox Tv.However for an unknown reason will not be aired by Fox Tv but by Star Tv!


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Ikimizin Yerine